My Tree of Hope – April 15, 2019

Hope is so often a substantial prayer of those I listen to.

Hope for change. Hope for peace. Hope for joy. Hope for healing. Hope for movement. Hope for hope.

During my creative time this afternoon, I painted on top of a background I had used to demonstrate how one might express anxiety. Dark colors. Sharp movements. A paper towel trying desperately to remove the unwanted parts.

I was drawn to colors that calm, colors that symbolize life. Turquoise. Lime green. I was drawn to the darkest purple, a color that settles. A color that reminds me of luscious grapes hanging from the vine, begging to quench.  And I was drawn to white. Clear, bright, light. Good.

And my prayer, for others, for myself, is all of this, a tree of hope, deep within.

Aletheia Mellott, MA
Creative Arts Specialist