Massage Services

KellyAnne Riden, LMT

Full Body Swedish / Relaxation Massage

This is a sedating and restful massage. Long flowing stokes and superficial tissue manipulation done with light to medium pressure strokes improve health and wellness by providing an outlet for the client to rest, increase blood circulation and reduce general tension throughout the body.

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

This service works tension out of muscles throughout the body by medium to firm pressure kneading and rolling, and direct, sustained and/or pulsating pressure to specific areas in muscles and muscle groups. This is helpful for those who need to alleviate pain in day-to-day living.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a stimulating and energizing type of massage that utilizes shorter, quicker, and faster manipulation of muscles and muscle groups. Chair massage is generally done for shorter increments of time and Traveling Chair Massage is available for business retreats and special events such as showers, parties, craft and farmers markets, and festivals.

Hot Stone Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

MET (Muscular Energy Techniques)

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