JoHannah Newman

JoHannah is the product of empty auditoriums and dusty book jackets, rainy days on the porch, and steaming mugs of spearmint tea sweetened with honey. Also, of salty cool breezes and applauding waves; sand under her nails, behind her ears, in her shoes. She is violin strings and tender calloused fingers, handwritten letters and sleepy afternoons spent reading fairy tales. She is the product of a loving and creative God.  Although she calls Ocean City, NJ her first home, as a Messiah College graduate she is becoming accustomed to calling the Harrisburg area her new home.

JoHannah’s expression of the arts through the written word, music, and theatre have drawn her closer to God.  She has studied Psychology, Theater, and English in order to equip her for a calling towards mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. She has most recently created a Creative Dramatics curriculum for families to overcome emotional burdens in order to communicate more effectively and is eager to continue this new and important work.

In the future, she is joyfully waiting for whatever role God may have for her as she fully dedicates herself to his praise, as an actor does towards her craft.

Solei Deo Gloria- To God Alone be the Glory

Johannah is available to assist clinicians and clients with creative ways of expression to help in healing as well as bridging the gap in relationships.

To contact JoHannah, email her at [email protected]