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RocksInLakeIn Him Christian Counseling provides biblically-based and person-centered counseling for individuals and families, as well as psycho-educational services for groups and churches.  Jon Burchard employs a brief solution-oriented approach, whereby client strengths and abilities are identified and used to promote positive change and growth towards meeting treatment goals.  Duration of counseling varies, depending upon the presented issues and needs of the client, yet typically ranges from 5-10 sessions.

All wisdom is from God and Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor.  The foundation from which Jon counsels is truth found in Scripture.  Prayer and biblical passages are used according to the comfort level of each client.

Jon takes a person-centered approach in that each individual is respected, regardless of faith or behaviors, and is afforded the personal space to change and grow.  Clients participate in the development of treatment goals and treatment delivery through an interactive and healthy therapeutic relationship.