I believe we make choices in life that are congruent with how we self-identify.  The problem is that we don’t pause our busy lives long enough to reflect on what we are thinking and feeling.  Therefore, it’s easy to become a victim of circumstances or the opinions of others.

Taking responsibility for our choices is obviously a scary proposition.  Blaming others seems as natural to humans as breathing.  That is only part of the issue, though.  Looking at the reason we make choices places us at an even more precarious position emotionally.

Unconsciously, we work towards congruence.  We want life to make sense, so we make choices that seem consistent with what we deserve. Do you sabotage good relationships or opportunities?  Are you consistently under-employed?  Do you need to get “the last word” in a conversation?  Do you constantly need affirmation from others?

See yourself rightly today.  You are a flawed individual with the ability to live in a resilient life-giving manner.  You can make choices that glorify God and bless those around you, including enemies.  You can choose to forgive and untie the burden of bitterness.

My prayer for you is that you find rest in His unconditional love and acceptance, so that you can choose to sacrificially love and accept others.  How you see yourself will forever be changed!