Helena Graybill

Helena Graybill has served as the board’s secretary at In Him Christian Wellness Center since 2017. In 2011 Helena received a master’s degree in counseling. She began working with Philhaven in Cumberland and Lancaster County where she provided mobile therapy for children and their families.

Helena received her license in professional counseling (LPC) in January of 2019 and has a vision to provide counseling for families in the future. Currently, though, Helena’s focus is with raising her family. She and her husband were married in 2014 and a year later they began their family. Today Helena and Evan are raising a boy, age three and a girl age one in Lancaster, PA. Helena is actively involved in their church, Live With Purpose in Conestoga, PA.

Beyond counseling, Helena enjoys spending time growing an organic garden, learning about a holistic lifestyle and cooking delicious gluten and dairy free meals for her family and friends.

Helena’s email address is [email protected].