Community seems to be a buzz word now.  I think I know what people mean when they use it, yet I  can be a bit “polyannish” at times; thinking that we all just want to get along.  I think the reality is that we really don’t know how to play well with others, and community can be used to convince those with differing opinions to conform to the views of the majority.

What do you think about “interdependence”?  I think the term best captures my idea of community.  I need others, because I’m limited in wisdom and ability.  Everyone needs something and has something to offer.  Two systems remind me of this idea:  church and family.  They aren’t safe havens, yet can provide a context in which a person can give and receive.

With whom do you walk?  Are you actively pursuing healthy relationship (not “perfect” relationship) in which you can experience mutual accountability, forgiveness, love, and acceptance.  This type of community is not safe.  In fact, it is full of pain, sorrow, and joy.  It feels bad to hurt and be hurt. It feels like death to forgive.  It is humbling to be forgiven.  It is beyond comprehension to be loved and accepted in an unconditional manner.  The cost can feel too great, yet when you choose to walk that path, you begin to learn how to walk with others in an understanding way.

Maybe that is what community is all about.