Aletheia Mellott, M.Sc., B.A.

 A perfectionist who was incredibly hard on herself, Aletheia (Schmidt) Mellott stayed far, far away from anything art-related until she was in her late twenties. Enrolling in an art therapy course to further her Counseling education for others, Mellott quickly realized that that the invitation was actually for her. Aletheia came alive as she explored, communicated, listened—as she prayed—using color, texture, an.d anything else she could get her hands on without rules.

Several years later, in January of 2012, she and a good friend launched Spire, a ministry dedicated to helping others use creativity, imagination, and the arts to connect more deeply with themselves, others, and God ( ).

Aletheia holds a M. Sc., Counseling from Cairn University, a B.A., Spanish from Messiah College, and a Certificate for Spiritual Director Training from Kairos School of Spiritual Formation.

Aletheia has designed and facilitated over 100 workshops, seminars, and retreats including topics of art as prayer, the arts and spiritual formation, art and emotion, art and creativity as a processing tool, restorative art, and being artistic vs. being creative for pre-teens through retirees. She’s guest-spoken at Colleges on the topic of art and faith and Incarnational Spirituality, held creativity camps for youth, and been a visiting artist in schools in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

An exhibiting artist and published author, Aletheia loves sharing her creations of play, process, and celebration in galleries, coffeeshops, museums, restaurants, churches, and car dealerships. Aletheia specializes in work with yupo paper and acrylic inks and lives outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband Craig and kiddos, Caleb and Ivy.

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